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Supporting Documents of Practice

IMG_3204 copy
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IMG_3222 copy

Documentary photographs of Pragmatism... for THEOREM. Credit: Anglia Ruskin University, 2016

FORMAT_Megan Crossland_16 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_53 copy
FORMAT_Wells_16 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_55 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_56 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_57 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_58 copy
FORMAT_Wells_10 copy
FORMAT_Megan Crossland_59 copy

Above and to left: Documentary images throughout FORMAT19 conference proceedings, University of Derby, 2019, featuring IMPOSTER/HECKLER


Below: Detail images of performance intervention, IMPOSTER/HECKLER


Credit: Megan Crossland, Abi Wells, Elin Davies

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